Media Campaigns

Drama Groups
Following successful treatment and reintegrating of fistula patients in their communities TERREWODE engages in mobilising some of the survivors into solidarity drama groups that aim at creating more awareness about obstetric fistula through performances in form of short plays and songs. Each drama group has an average of six members with the majority being women though men are also included to offer support and act as allies in spreading powerful awareness messages. Fistula Survivors Groups are trained and mentored on how to develop written scripts for their performances by local artists hired by the Organization; they are given a hand on how to brainstorm on their fistula messages and turn it into written scripts to guide their performances. Currently, TERREWODE prides itself on creation of about 50 solidarity drama groups in the Teso sub region.

Radio Talk Shows
TERREWODE actively participates in holding quarterly radio talk shows on different radio stations in our districts of operation. These talk shows are broadcast mainly in four languages which are; English, Luo, Ateso and Ngakaramojong. Experts like Medical Doctors, Community Women leaders, Civil Society members and Law Enforcement Officers are invited as Guest speakers on these shows to give talks as a way of promoting and protecting human rights of vulnerable women and girls. Topics mainly evolve around promoting maternal and child health, encouragement of girl child education as a long-term tool in prevention of obstetric fistula, women land rights, Gender based violence and addressing reproductive rights violations.

Production and Dissemination of Media Campaign Materials
TERREWODE is involved in regular production and sharing of Information Education Communication (IEC) materials with a wide range of Community members, District managers and Opinion leaders. The overall purpose of the IEC materials is to promote awareness and increase advocacy on issues of vulnerable women and girl children that we are passionate about. TERREWODE also habitually produces printed booklets, newsletters and brochures with an aim of creating consciousness on our human rights of concern. Further more in our media campaigns, exposure trips for Journalists are arranged. Journalists during these trips interact with various communities we are based in with an intention of increasing awareness on the plight of vulnerable women and girls.