TERREWODE has grown from being a community-based organization based in Teso sub region to a national organization scaling up our programs to three new districts in Central and Karamoja sub regions of Uganda. Our impact at national level is far reaching and is felt in the ways below;

 Through our advocacy and sensitization programs at national, district and community level, TERREWODE has engaged local women groups, women leaders, district managers, political leaders to enhance maternal and child health and human rights of vulnerable women and girl children.

 TERREWODE has strengthened collaborations with the top districts leadership, CSOs, CBOs, institutions and organizations locally, nationally and internationally. TERREWODE has encouraged resource allocation to address the human rights issues of women through Government poverty eradications programs, such National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS), and Northern Uganda Social Action Fund (NUSAF).

 TERREWODE has been subsequently invited by the Ugandan Ministry of Health to assist with the development of the national fistula strategy in 2010, the first major step that the government of Uganda has undertaken to eliminate fistula. The Ministry of Health also established the Technical Fistula Working Group (TFWG) in 2010 as a response to the growing need of tackling the issue of obstetric fistula that has for so long been silent but has become one of the maternal and newborn health development concerns in the country. The TFWG is comprised of experts, key stakeholders and development partners in the various fields related to maternal health and to fistula in particular, and the Executive Director-Alice Emasu represents TERREWODE. The FTWG has a common agenda for driving success in the area of fistula treatment, prevention and social reintegration. It has so far developed a national strategy on fistula and plans are under way to construct a policy on obstetric fistula.

 As a result of our work, women are participating in local government structures, are a part of the decision making process in governance and are able to influence legislative and policy changes favoring women’s rights.

 TERREWODE conducts researches and disseminates the findings to communities, and stakeholders at the national and international level on issues pertaining to all its programs. TERREWODE has authored three major research documents used to guide program implementation in the following areas; Causes of obstetric fistula, access to treatment and prevention strategies in the case of Teso sub-region, Access to social reintegration services by survivors of abuse and violations of Human rights; the case of Teso and Child marriages and their impact on women and the broader Teso community.