Reproductive rights

Reproductive health rights are a subset of human rights and freedoms. They include; a right to birth control, a right to access quality reproductive health care, access to health care services in pregnancy, confinement and post natal period, right to access education in order to make free and informed reproductive health choices. Access to sexual and reproductive health rights is faced by challenges like weak/non functional health systems, social and cultural factors that affect women’s health and their access to quality services, women’s low status in society due to patriarchal tendencies, poor nutrition due to wide spread preference of the boy child and practices that require a woman to first obtain permission from her husband or parents insubordinates  women in seeking health services and care as a privilege not a right.

TERREWODE is aiming at fostering stakeholders’ involvement in the promotion of particularly Reproductive rights of rural women and girl children through creation of partnerships/alliances and networks at all levels and building their capacity for increased advocacy for systems transformation so as to improve the livelihood of women and girl children.

Our objectives to ensure access to sexual and reproductive health rights especially of girls and women include:

1. Establishing and strengthening partnerships, alliances and networks in our districts of operations to advocate for increased resource allocation, policy formulation and implementation to protect women and girl children from abuse and violations of their reproductive rights.
2. Building capacity of women and girls community structures, groups and organs in our districts of operations to demand for functional health care systems that respond to female reproductive health issues.
3. Initiating and straightening grass root women movement that influences active participation of rural women in demographic governance, decision-making, policy formulation and enforcement.
4. Mobilizing survivors of rights violations into solidarity groups and enhancing their capacities to act as change agents for systems transformation particularly in health sector so as to stamp out corrupt tendencies that undermine quality services delivery to the rural poor.

Our strategic planned actions to ensure easy access to sexual and reproductive health rights are as mentioned below;

* Conducting mass media campaigns to increase awareness about sexual and reproductive rights, maternal and child health, family planning IEC and service provision for women, men and couples to prevent unwanted and or untimely pregnancies and lower the risk of maternal death.

* Building capacity of rights holders and other stakeholders to provide community based support and action for sexual reproductive rights and maternal and child health concerns related to pregnancy, labor and delivery complications to stem chances of obstructed labor and associated complications like fistula.

* Training community maternal health volunteers for example retired community professionals, home based maternal health care volunteers and women groups.

* Advocating for lobbying for financial and moral support from service providers and key stakeholders for the treatment of fistula victims and survivors.

* Increasing awareness on the impact and dangers of corruption for effective and efficient service delivery for women, girls and youth.

* Building strategic alliances and coalitions for lobbying and advocacy for improved resource allocation and policy formulation regarding sexual and reproductive health rights.

* Advocating for increased availability, accessibility and utilization of quality skilled care during pregnancy, child birth and post natal period at all levels of the health care delivery system.

* Promoting male active participation in maternal and child health improvement-designing and implementing male friendly interventions.

* Establishing a sexual and reproductive health model health care facility ( Shelter) 

TERREWODE is also enhancing reproductive rights through seeking to effectively address the broader issue of reproductive health and find treatment, prevention and rehabilitation services for victims of obstetric fistula. This development has resulted into a significant increase in the number of women receiving fistula treatment annually.

In line with TERREWODE’s goal to improve sexual reproductive health and rights, maternal and child health of rural women and girls we are expecting to see the following results;

- A functional health system and institutions working towards elimination of maternal and child morbidity and mortalities.

- Improved community mechanisms and structures for supporting and taking action for sexual reproductive health and rights, maternal and child health.

- Well established strategic alliances and coalitions for lobbying and advocacy for improved resource allocation and policy formulations on sexual reproductive health and rights, maternal and child health.